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Hmmm – What mischief can I get into today???

Let’s see – What mischief can I get into today???

Welcome back, my friends! Looks like we’ve turned the calendar page on yet another new month, and on a very, very special day.

I realized that although you’ve been able to join me in my wine-tasting and recipe doings, you probably don’t have a clue about what goes on, behind the scenes, here at www.DrinkWineWithDinner.com.


Um, you spelled "fud" wrong!

Uhh o! Yu speld “fud” rong. Tu tymez. I fixx 4 yu!

Well, I must confess, Drink Wine With Dinner® is not quite a one-person operation. (Or should I find another term for “person”?) 😉

For the last several years, Drink Wine With Dinner® has had an office manager.

(So maybe it’s not quite accurate to call myself a “solopreneur”…)


Too many emails. Unsubscribe!

Too many dumb emails. Unsubscribe!!!

Please don’t report me for violating child labor laws, OK? But my O.M. was only two when she started working here, and she’s a very mature ten years old now.

OK, I’ll explain…

My O.M. came into my life, thanks to a meeting with a long-time friend from the wine world, Darryl Roberts. He had since changed careers, and was now working as a veterinary technician at a Sonoma County shelter. (Scroll down for Darryl’s updates!)


What do you mean, "don't step on the mouse"?

What? “Don’t step on the mouse”???

Before getting together with Darryl, I checked out the shelter’s website (especially its adoptable cats), “just to get a feel for the place.” 😉

Before I knew it, the most captivating kittyface I’d ever seen was staring back at me. The caption read “Calli.” And I instantly fell in love!

Orange and black tabby on her forehead; gray triangle at her nose; snowy white bib; expressive green-gold eyes; black “lynx tips” on her ears.


What a face. No wonder I fell in love!

What a face. No wonder I fell in love!!!

Yes, she was gorgeous. But what mattered more was that she seemed to be looking directly at me – and saying she’d chosen me for her “forever home”!

Long story short: I went up to Sonoma to meet Calli. (Thankfully, rather than being stuck in a cage at the shelter, she was living happily in foster care with a wonderful retired couple. We’ll always be grateful to you, Jody and Frank!) Darryl and I took care of the paperwork, and Calli and I adopted each other then and there.


Calli manages the paper recycling, from the inside.

Calli manages all the paper shredding and recycling. (I “let the cat into the bag” for her convenience)

I had fully intended for Calli (her full name is now Calicocoa, by the way) to be a kitty of leisure.

But from the beginning, she insisted on taking an active role in the day-to-day runnings of Drink Wine With Dinner®.

She knows she’s important, and she’s always finding important items to, um, “file” and “organize.”


Gotcha! Pen, you can't get away!

Gotcha! Pen, don’t you try to get away!

Although I generally work on a laptop, Calli knows that I often like to use pen and paper too. She soon made herself indispensable by gathering, and, um, “organizing,” all of my red pens. (Talk about job security. Nobody else knows where they are!)

You might be wondering why I’m introducing Calicocoa to you today, of all days. Well, she must know it’s April Fools Day. Not only has Calli been hiding all my pens today (red and otherwise), she just made off with my glasses, too. 🙁


Wrapping it in her blanket.

Wrapping my new red pen in her blanket, along with some rubber bands.

When I unwrap her blanket, I never know what I'll find!

Calli thinks I’ll never find the red pens. And she’s usually right!


Pens? *What* pens? I don’t see any pens…


Last time, wen Calli hid my glasses, I didn't find them for a week...

Calli hides my glasses; I don’t find them for weeks!

(Hmmmm. I’m not much of a prankster myself. Where the heck did she learn this stuff? Darryl, did you have anything to do with it?)

At any rate, I’ll get back to you soon, after Calicocoa brings my glasses back and I can see what I’m doing again…


Meanwhile, I wish you a very Happy April Fool’s Day. Calli does too!!!

Cheers, my friends,
and happy tastings,


Darryl Roberts gets kitten Tycho ready for his adoption!

Darryl Roberts gets kitten Tycho ready for adoption with shots and microchip.

As promised, here’s what’s happening with Darryl Roberts: With his huge heart, and his abiding love of cats, Darryl has founded an amazing sanctuary and adoption agency for “special needs” cats.

Called SNAP Cats (“Special Needs Are Precious,” his organization provides care and finds homes for chronically ill or otherwise difficult-to-adopt kitties.

They have a good-looking line of logo shirts and caps for sale, plus free “SNAP Cats” car magnets.

Darryl Roberts with Pumpkin, a SNAP Cats "special needs" kitty.

Darryl Roberts with “special needs” girl Pumpkin.

And of course, they’re always looking for donations, with sponsorship opportunities and matching corporate programs.

Once again, you can check out the SNAP Cats site, and you can contact Darryl directly at darryl@snapcats.org.

Thanks, my friends.
And please tell Darryl – and the SNAP Cats feline family – that Calicocoa sent you!

Cheers once again,


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