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A gorgeous platter of lobster tails in ginger butter on squid-ink pasta, for National Lobster Day on the 15th. A quality California sparkler in the glass highlights the sweet/spicy lobster and all that buttery richness.

Welcome back, my friends! Hard to believe it’s June already, and summer is just a couple of weeks away. As always, there’s plenty in store – with some very cool June food and wine holidays – on the Drink Wine With Dinner® menu.

Stay tuned for all sorts of new recipes and pairings. (Did you take advantage of #NationalCheeseDay on Monday? And did you enjoy Italy’s delectably porky ciccola bread on #NationalDonutDay?)


World Oceans Day on the 8th celebrates Sustainable Seafood. I’m slurping down some wonderful Pacific Northwest oysters with crisp, unoaked Chardonnay!

As for the June food and wine holidays – well, there’s lots of great stuff to look forward to. Some of them, we’ll enjoy together. For these, I’ll share some fun original recipes – with wines to match, of course.

Others I’ll just mention, and leave you to explore on your own.


I know I’ll celebrate National Rosé Day on the 10th. There’s some really delicious pink stuff out there – versatile, too, and bargain priced!

I always manage to enjoy everybody’s favorite crustacean (well, mine at least!) on National Lobster Day (June 15). I grew up with restaurant-special “Shore Dinners” (soft-shell clams, lobster complete with paper bib, corn, baked potato…)

Maybe we’ll venture out into Wine Country for International Picnic Day (June 18), with an extra bottle from National Rosé Day (June 10) in tow.

And we might even swing through Spain – virtually, at least – on World Tapas Day (June 21). Then we can check out Peru on National Ceviche Day (June 28) to sample their delicious national dish – raw fish marinated with lemon or lime (which “cooks” it) plus salsa, fruit or other flavorings.


June 18th is National Sushi Day!

Don’t worry – we won’t go thirsty!

June 10 brings National Rosé Wine Day, just right for these long, warm, relaxing June evenings.

And for fans of fun cocktails, we’ve got International Cachaça Day (June 12) and National Mai Tai Day (June 30).


Ahhhh yes, the Mai Tai. Pure tropical fruity goodness that packs a lethal wallop. It’s the ultimate “umbrella drink” for a taste of the islands, anytime and anywhere…

Who knows – I might even invent a recipe or two to match the cocktails.

How? Well, my foolproof guide – “Rosina’s 5 Non-Rules for Pairing Wine with Food” (Click to download your free PDF) works for beverages other than wine, too.

I’m really looking forward to what this new month has to offer. One promise: I will not write about Kitchen Klutzes of America Day on June 13th. (You’re welcome!)

Stay tuned – and let’s enjoy June’s “Drink Wine With Dinner®” recipes, pairings, and Wine Country happenings together!


Until next time, my friends,
Happy tasting – and don’t forget to Click Here for your free download of “Rosina’s 5 Non-Rules for Pairing Wine with Food”!


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