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More than a century old, the Half Moon Bay Bakery offers both sweet and savory treats.

Welcome back, my friends – today in Half Moon Bay Part 2, we’ll keep exploring this unique town and scenic oceanside area.

I’ve got lots more to share with you!

The morning after our fireside takeout supper from Seville Tapas, we set out early to check out a few more of the local sights.


Sweet treats from Half Moon Bay Bakery

First stop: Half Moon Bakery – for some strong, freshly brewed coffee. and sweet morning pastries.

We also grabbed a loaf of a local specialty with enough substance to get us through the next few hours: Pesto Artichoke bread.


This luscious Pesto Artichoke loaf celebrates both the nearby “Artichoke Capital of the World” and “Garlic Capital of the World.”


There’s a “Half Moon” theme throughout the town and surrounding area. This one’s edible!

We headed off for a beach walk, but the morning mist got heavy enough to keep us in the car for a while.

No problem: we just kept tearing hunks off the Pesto Artichoke bread, finished our coffee and pastries, and watched the waves until the showers tailed off.


Artichoke Pesto bread on the steering wheel; sprinkles on the windshield.


Lavender is one of my favorite aromas. And although it’s not commonly used as a culinary herb, it has a wonderful flavor, too.

Since it was still chilly and damp, we opted to save our beach walk until later in the day, and headed a few miles inland instead to the area’s world-famous cluster of plant nurseries.

Each one specializes in a particular type of plant – the prices are great – and the people are extremely knowledgeable. There’s even a shop called Predatory Plants, with pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, and other bug-eating carnivores.

Highway 92 Succulents specializes in easy-care cacti and other succulent plants. Yerba Buena Nursery features drought-tolerant California natives.


Half Moon Bay Part 2

Beautiful, healthy Spanish lavender plants in full bloom at a great price.

Our favorite overall, Half Moon Bay Lavender, offered all sorts of lavender-scented products in addition to live plants in several varieties and colors.

I not only love the soothing aroma of lavender, but I find it’s a fun, mysterious “secret ingredient” in all sorts of recipes.


Lavender soaps, essential oils, candles, teas, sachets, and much more!


I’m a huge fan of sake with sushi.

The hunger pangs were starting to hit, so we beelined for Sushi Main Street, a sweet little Japanese place in the heart of quaint downtown that I’d been to several times before.

And after enjoying a couple of bento box-style lunch specials, a couple of extra sushi rolls, and some warm sake, we finally made our way to the beach for that long-delayed walk.


This was just our first round of lunchtime goodies, before we decided to order more sushi rolls.


Join me next time, when I’ll bring you with me to two wonderful Italian restaurants – plus a winery named after the notorious Pacific fog.

Until then, my friends, Happy Tasting –
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