About Rosina

Welcome, my friend! I’m here to show you how wine can make the foods you love taste even better!

Hello and welcome! Are you wondering what the heck this Rosina Wilson character is all about?

Well, I’ve been a proud member of the very tasty culinary profession for over three decades, and I’ve “worn many hats” through the years. (I got my start after winning the Grand Prize, for a double-garlicky artichoke recipe, at the Gilroy Garlic Festival Cookoff. Really!)


My cookbook, with 100+ original recipes and wine pairings for each one, published by Ten Speed Press.

I’ve had the great pleasure of writing a cookbook (Seafood Pasta and Noodles ~ The New Classics), plus a gazillion articles on food, wine, travel and more.

For ten years, I taught the “Wine and Food Pairing” class to future chefs at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco – and now I’m sharing the keys to the course – the simple, foolproof “Rosina’s 5 Non-Rules of Pairing Wine with Food” (Sign up here for your free copy.)

Along the way, I became food and/or wine editor at several local and national publications, including San Francisco Focus and Fine Cooking. Wanting a larger role, I co-founded the hip, young-adult-oriented Wine X Magazine. Irreverent and iconoclastic, Wine X featured tongue-in-cheeky wine articles and reviews, plus interviews and cover stories with wine-loving young actors, singers, Olympic athletes and more.


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Now I’ve gone digital, writing eBooks to bring my “edutaining” wine-and-food content to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. In fact, you can download the new 2019 edition of Food And Wine Pairing – The Easy Way! (A Drink Wine With Dinner Book) at a very special discount – just $3.99 (instead of $9.99). [info on contents & added info]

Fortunately for us all, the only thing I like better than trying on this multitude of hats – and doing work that I truly love – is sharing it all with my friends. So I’ll always be sure to have my camera along whenever I go out exploring, so I can show you, as well as tell you, about the day’s adventures.


As a certified wine judge, I’ll bring you behind the scenes at professional wine competitions. Here, I’m tasting and rating a “flight” of reds.

What exactly do I have in store for you, here at Drink Wine With Dinner®? Well, the real answer is that there’s always so much going on, even don’t always know until it’s happening! But here are just a few examples:

I’ll bring you with me to my favorite restaurants – everything from high-end “destination” spots to a nearby Mexican taqueria tucked under a freeway. (Well, almost under it!)


My daughter Siri and I feast on sushi (and sake!) in San Francisco’s Japantown. Kanpai!!!

We’ll visit Chinese “dim sum” houses and Japanese “sushi boat” places, where they tally your bill by counting the empty plates stacked up in front of you.


It’s February at Navarro Vineyards, in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino, when the vines are dormant. See the sheep? They’re the winery’s weed whackers!

And we’ll check out the Wine Country with tastings at the wineries, walks through the vineyards, interviews with winemakers and winery owners, and a free “insiders only” virtual pass to some of the coolest tasting events anywhere.

Also, since I’m a certified wine judge, I’ll smuggle you into the judging chambers – the “inner sanctum” – at some of America’s top wine competitions, where we award those infamous gold, silver, and bronze medals.


Doesn’t this look luscious? Rack of lamb with a crisp Dijon mustard crust, paired with two very different red wines.

I’ll reveal the secrets of pairing wine with food, so that each one tastes better than it did by itself.

We’ll hit farmers’ markets and specialty shops together to meet makers and vendors of all kinds of food.

And we’ll talk about, shop for, and taste everything from ultra-fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to fresh-caught salmon and wild-foraged mushrooms, to drop-dead-delectable chocolate confections.

(I’m getting hungry. How ’bout you?)


Mama Swan with 2 just-hatched cygnets and 3 eggs!

Since I’m also an inveterate nature gal, we’ll spend time exploring the great outdoors together. We’ll go beachcombing, birding, even kayaking. (Plus snorkeling when I visit the tropics!)

We’ll hike in the hills, the redwood forests, and the wildflower meadows. We’ll scan the skies at astronomy events.


And I haven’t even hinted at all the fun – nature-oriented and otherwise – that we’ll have in San Francisco, one of the best-loved cities in the world.


Fog – the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco!


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It’s the place where you can tell us about your best (and worst!) dining experiences, your most intriguing recipes and kitchen tips, and your favorite wines and wine-with-food matchups.


Homemade gravlax – fresh salmon, cured with sugar, salt, and spices, and teamed with a lovely dry bubbly. (Avocado and onion optional.) What a delicious pairing!

We’ll also compare notes on exciting new trends in the culinary field. And who knows – we may even start some trends together!

So make yourself comfy, grab something to snack and sip (because all the food-and-wine talk is guaranteed to bring on an appetite!) – and come explore my world with me. Visit as often as you like – and keep stirring your own ideas into the mix.

Thanks again for visiting Drink Wine With Dinner®. Come back soon – I’ll always have something new, fun, and tasty for you!!!